Racquetball Post Covid-19

Racquetball Post Covid-19

First and foremost this message goes out to all of the racquetball community as a message from the WearRollout.com family that we hope you are all staying safe and healthy during these crazy times. The covid-19 pandemic has impacted the world in so many ways, and certainly not immune to that has been the racquetball community. Every version of the sport we all love has been brought to a stand still. We can not see our favorites pros play in IRT and LPRT events. We have not been able to allow our athletes to compete in national competitions for the coveted honor of representing their country in international competition this summer. We have not been able to train, hit around, or even enjoy the Saturday morning games we have become accustomed to for decades.

I would be lying if I told you that I did not worry for our sport. We have lost national events, local tournaments and professional tour stops. So many of the racquetball businesses have seen economic hardship. That being said, we are excited to see a time when racquetball comes back stronger than ever. That is not going to come without a team effort from us all.

For the better part of 20+ years, racquetball has been managed, run, and ruled by a select few who strive to keep the pie small and keep the sport under their thumb. If one positive thing can come from the shut down the sport has seen in the first part of 2020, it should be a coming together of all those who love racquetball and hope that the next 20 years are not a repeat of the last 20 years. 

We throw our name in the pot as ones who will stand up for racquetball, and be a part of any team that hopes to grow the pie, grow the sport, and bring racquetball to the level it deserves, rather than the level that it has settled for.

I personally have said for years that racquetball would be better off if it were able to hit the reset button and change the way it does business. Let the not so positive start to this decade be the unintended reset button the sport needs.

Stand up for the sport. Stand up for racquetball.