The Greatest Match of all Time

It is not often that we post on our website about news and notes not pertaining to WearRollout’s team of amazing athletes and stable of events, however this year’s US Open was just a bit of a special scenario. We wanted to take a moment to honor the four athletes that took place in what is being considered the greatest match in the history of racquetball. Kane Waselenchuk and Ben Croft defeated Alvaro Beltran and Daniel De La Rosa in the Pro Doubles finals in front of the wildest crowd we have ever seen in the sport in a match that truly was unlike anything the sport had ever seen. Decades from now, we truly believe we will all be sitting around talking about the best match the sport has ever seen. Congratulations to the 4 athletes involved, and thank you to the fans who made the experience special.

Photo courtesy of Restrung Magazine.