Rollout Launches Paddleball Division

Wall, NJ — Rollout Brand Group, LLC announces a partnership with the National Paddleball Association which will introduce indoor paddleball to the tournaments of Paddleball has been a major part of the one wall community in the New York area, and over the last few years the sport has seen a resurgence on the indoor side of the game. Many racquetball players have been cross training with the sport, and outdoor paddleball players have been expanding to the indoor game.

This season, the team at will begin to showcase indoor paddleball at all six of our major indoor events across New York and New Jersey through the addition of an “upper” and “lower” skill division in men’s doubles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles. We will also be doing paddleball exhibitions and free on court experiences for players who have never seen or tried the game, in hopes to expose new people to the sport that gave birth to racquetball as we know it today.

We see this is as exciting attraction at our events, and another way to expand the uses of racquetball courts in the region. We have our eyes on expansion into professional paddleball events/divisions, outdoor events and much more.

We will be putting more and more info out about this partnership in the coming weeks, and we are going to be working with the tournament directors that partner with our site in hopes that we can get paddleball into more and more events in the region.

Thank you to the NPA and Gearbox Racquetball for making this happen, we are excited for a cool new aspect to the already popular events!