Racquet Specifications

Recently, USA Racquetball released a statement about the legality of the specifications behind what makes a racquetball racquet legal or illegal in tournament play. This comes as a result of Ektelon releasing two new frames this year that do not conform with the rule. Read below to see the actual specifications, and we would love to know what you think… should companies come out with products that are deemed illegal?

Enjoy Racquetball By Playing By the Rules
Racquet Specifications

USA Racquetball takes its role in administering the Rules of Racquetball very seriously.  For nearly 50 years the organization has helped ensure that the sport remains uniform, fair, safe and fun.  We strongly encourage all players to become familiar with and play by the Rules of Racquetball that can be found on the USA Racquetball web site.

With the recent introduction of racquets exceeding 22 inches in length into the marketplace, USA Racquetball is reminding players of Rule 2.4 related to Racquet Specifications.  Please be advised that all USA Racquetball sanctioned events must adhere to this Rule.  The use of a racquet that exceeds 22 inches in length results in forfeiture of the game in progress or, if discovered between games, forfeiture of the preceding game.

Rule 2.4 Racquet Specifications

(a)    The racquet frame, including bumper guard and all solid parts of the handle, may not exceed 22 inches in length. The racquet frame may be any material judged safe.

(b)   Using a racquet frame that exceeds 22 inches will result in forfeiture of the game in progress or, if discovered between games, forfeiture of the preceding game.

(c)    The penalty for playing with a racquet frame that does not exceed 22 inches, but has a grip extending beyond the 22-inch limit, if noted during the course of a game, shall be a technical foul and a timeout to correct the problem. Subsequent violation will result in the loss of the game in progress. If a player challenges a racquet during a game that is found to be within the 22-inch limit, then a timeout is charged to the player who made the challenge. There is no penalty if the grip issue is noted and corrected between games.

(d)   The racquet frame must include a cord securely attached to the player’s wrist. The wrist cord can be no longer than 18 inches as measured from one end of the cord to the other. When stretched to its maximum, the cord cannot be longer than 24 inches. Players using non-complying cords will be charged with a time-out to make the change and, if none remain, a technical foul will be assessed to make the change.

(e)   The string of the racquet must be gut, monofilament, nylon, graphite, plastic, metal, or a combination thereof, and must not mark or deface the ball.

Have a question about the Rules of Racquetball?  Feel free to contact Otto Dietrich, USA Racquetball Rules Commissioner at odietrich@usra.org.  Also, be sure to check out the What’s The Call section in every issue of RACQUETBALL Magazine.  CLICK HERE for the current issue and to find back issues under the Archive tab on the left.

Have a great time playing this wonderful sport and, at least when playing in sanctioned events, please be sure to use equipment that conforms to the Rules.

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