Rhonda Rajsich
Fountain Hills, AZ

A force on the women's pro tour for more than a decade, Rhonda has won every major title in female professional racquetball. US Open Championships, National Championships, World Championships, Season ending #1 in the world rankings…Rhonda has done it all. She passed on a career in the WNBA to dedicate herself to being one of the best players in the world, and has done just that.

Rocky Carson
Ladera Ranch, CA

Rocky Carson has been a staple at the top of the professional racquetball game for the better part of 15 years. He is a former #1 player in the world, US Open Champion, and World Champion. He is also widely known as the best outdoor racquetball player in the world. Few people are better spokespeople for the game of racquetball than this individual.

Jose Diaz
Stockton, CA

Hailing from the "209," Jose Diaz is one of the biggest personalities in the world of racquetball today. A fan favorite, Jose is a threat to every top pro he stops on the court against.

Frederique Lambert
Montreal, Canada

Frederique is the current #4 ranked player in the world and the top player in all of Canada. She is a perennial contender on the LPRT and a former finalist on tour. Her exciting, aggressive style makes her a fan favorite wherever she plays, as well as a threat in any match.

Cliff Swain
Saint Clair, MI

When putting together the Mount Rushmore of racquetball, the name Cliff Swain is one of the first people that come to mind. One of the greatest players to ever compete on a racquetball court, Cliff is still going strong and competing at the highest levels of the sport today!

Sharon Jackson
Atlanta, GA

Sharon Jackson is one of the most decorated athletes in female junior racquetball history. A multi time national and world champion, Sharon is now setting her sights on the women's pro tour, and making waves in the process.

Sheryl Lotts
Bedford, OH

A former member of the junior US team, and now one of the fastest rising players on tour, Sheryl is one of the most exciting ladies to watch in the world. Good things definitely come in small packages…Sheryl only stands about 5'2" tall but brings a big time game to the court.

Charlie Pratt
Portland, OR

Charlie has dedicated himself to being one of the fittest players on tour, and has been a top pro for many years. On top of being one of the best players in the world, Charlie is also the official referee of the IRT, and is known as the best referee in the game!

Janel Tisinger
Simi Valley, CA

Janel Tisinger is known to be one of the best female players in the world who is not competing full time on the LPRT. She is a former national champion indoors in both singles and doubles, a triple crown winner at the World Outdoor Championships, as well as multi time "Queen of Outdoor."

Adam Manilla
Centennial, CO

Adam Manilla has been a staple on the junior US national team for many years, and has racked up a number of national and world titles along the way. He will soon he setting his sights on pro racquetball, and a future top 10 ranking.

Greg Solis
Orange, CA

Greg Solis is one of the absolute best outdoor racquetball players in the world. He is a perennial finalist and many time champion in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles at both the WOR Championships and the Vegas Outdoor World Championships.

Veronica Sotomayor
Cuenca, Ecuador

Vero's quiet demeanor may fool you, because when she gets on the court, she is a fierce competitor, and one of the best players in the world. She holds many international titles, and is a top contender on the LPRT.

Scott Davis
Fountain Valley, CA

Not many people know about the game of "outdoor" racquetball, but in it, Scott Davis is one of the best! A former World Outdoor Racquetball Championships finalist, Scott brings some major heat and power to the game, and calls the Huntington Beach courts of Marina Park home. If you thought indoor racquetball was exciting, check out outdoor!

Cheryl Gudinas
Naperville, IL

The living legend of ladies professional racquetball, few players are more respected in the sport than Cheryl. She has made the US team more times than anyone in history, and has accomplished and won every major title in the sport in her 25+ year career.

Kim Thomas
Dublin, OH

Kim Irons is one of the most decorated junior athletes in Team USA history, although having taken a few years off in her late teens, she is one of the more underrated talents on tour right now. Ranked #18 after her first season, look for Kim to make major moves on tour in the coming years!

Taylor Knoth
Corvallis, OR

One of the most decorated junior racquetball players in history, Taylor has been a junior team member for many years, and now is attending college and playing professional racquetball against the best in the world. Taylor's best finish was a quarterfinal appearance on the all glass court at one of the only grand slams in racquetball, the Ektelon Nationals. Watch as Taylor works on attaining his top 10 ranking in the coming years!

Sean Klingaman
Lunenberg, MA

Sean is one of the top players in the northeast region, and a staple in the finals of both singles and doubles of any major tournament on the East Coast.

Aimee Ruiz
Stirling, NJ

There are very few first ballot hall of famers left in the sport today, but Aimee Ruiz is certainly one of them. If she is not the best doubles player of all time, she is certainly in the conversation with very little company.

Aubrey Kirch
Citrus Heights, CA

Aubrey Kirch is one of the best female players in the world not competing on the women's pro tour full time. She has numerous junior national and world titles on her resume, and represented the US adult team in 2014 at World Championships. She is a threat to any pro when she enters the draw!

Robert Sostre
New York, NY

Few racquetball players in history have accomplished more in different versions of the sport than Robert Sostre. A former paddle ball and handball champion, Rob is now a top contender in indoor racquetball, 3 wall outdoor racquetball, as well as 1 wall outdoor racquetball, where he is widely regarded as one of the best in the world.

Akul Ramayani
Poughkeepsie, NY

Proving that big things come in small packages, Akul is a student of legendary coach Jim Winterton, and has been turning heads in the northeast for a few years now. His unique style makes him very tricky to figure out, and extremely tough to beat!

Erika Manilla
Centennial, CO

With a smile that can light up a room, and talent that is second to none, Erika is a member of the US Junior National Team, and the top female player in Colorado. She will be a force on the women's tour one day!

Kelani Bailey
Richmond, VA

Kelani is a second generation female professional racquetball player. Her mother is former top professional Malia Bailey, and Kelani is following very well in her Mom's foot steps. With numerous junior titles under her belt, and now a collegiate national title as a freshman, Kelani proves to be one of the strongest young players in the game.

Brad Kirch
Citrus Heights, CA

A former junior US team member, Brad Kirch is half of maybe the greatest and most dominant doubles team in junior racquetball history. His natural ability and athletic talent make him one of the most entertaining players to watch, and he is widely known as one of the best underrated players in the world.

Devon Pimentelli
San Bruno, CA

Devon Pimentelli is one of the top collegiate racquetball players in the country, with 1 college national title on her resume already. She is a former member of the junior US national team, and now a member of the adult national team.

Nick Montalbano
West Islip, NY

Nick is former member of the junior national team, and is now the assistant coach for that very team. He is a former national and world champion, and is a former semi finalist in the IRT.

Brian Pineda
Fountain Valley, CA

Few people bring on court talent and off court passion together better than Brian Pineda. Brian is a promoter of all things racquetball, outdoor, professional, and amateur. His passion is rarely matched by anyone in the racquetball community, and his contributions are something that help drive the sport forward.

Lexi York
Milwaukie, OR

Lexi York is one of the top female high school players in the country, and has already shown her talents at National Singles against the top women in the world. It is only a matter of time until she starts knocking off some top pros on the LPRT!

Braulio Ruiz
Whittier, CA

Braulio "Shorty" Ruiz is one of the most dynamic handball players in the world. He is a contender in the Race for 8 Series, Vegas World Championships, and every major handball event in California!

Brad Tursky
Jackson, TN

Brad is the founder of the "Racquetball Ranch," which is a one of a kind outdoor facility on his ranch in Tennessee. This venue holds many destination outdoor events, and is going to become a major home for top level outdoor racquetball in the coming years!

Brent Huff
Saint Charles, IL

Not only is Brent one of the top players from the Chicago area, but he is also now the official head trainer for the US adult national team, and travels the world with the team to international competitions.

Mike Patalano
Warwick, RI

Mike is a major contributor to New England racquetball, not only competing in many area tournaments, but also coaching the Providence College racquetball team, and running a successful pro shop business servicing the many players in the region.

Tanisha Groomes
Buena Park, CA

Tanisha is known as one of, if not THE top female handball player in the world. Her exciting style brings youth and energy into the handball game, and makes her not only a top contender, but a fan favorite.

Brent Walters
Raleigh, NC

Brent is one of the top players from the southeast, and travels to compete at many of the national championship events. His hard hitting and diving style makes him entertaining to watch!

Nick Irvine
Stockton, CA

Nick is heavily involved with the development of one of the top regions for racquetball in the country, the "209" of Stockton, California. He manages events, cultivates players, and promotes the game more than almost anyone in the country.

Ryan Maher
St. Louis, MO

Ryan Maher is the definition of a contributor and supporter of racquetball. He is a national director for outdoor racquetball, top player in the Missouri area, and even a coach of a top high school program in the St. Louis region.

Carolyn Clay
Middletown, NJ

Carolyn is the unofficial VP of Rollout, assisting with everything from order fulfillment, event management, on site sales, and everything in between!

Dan Riker
Poughkeepsie, NY

The self proclaimed, "Rollout Roadie," Dan is integral to the success of the event management side of Rollout and the New Jersey Open. His jack of all trades mentality makes him perfect for the unpredictable world of racquetball events!

Josh Ruperd
Newburgh, NY

Josh is one of the top tournament directors in the northeast, and we are proud to have him as part of the Rollout team, helping to manage the New Jersey Open series of events here in the Garden State.

Meredith Gilbert
Babylon, NY

Meredith has quickly become one of the biggest contributors in racquetball in the northeast. Not only is she an integral part of the Rollout and New Jersey Open team, but she is a national manager for ProKennex and also a top tournament director in New York.

Jonathan Clay
Middletown, NJ

Jonathan is the Founder, Owner, and creative force behind everything that is Rollout. He has developed the brand over the course of 8 years, and is working to improve the racquetball industry through everything he does.

Sebastian Fernandez
San Ysidro, CA

Sebastian is the 2015 High School national champion, and has joined Team Rollout as the first developmental junior player. He has a bright future in racquetball, and we are excited to be a part of his journey!

Luis Avila
Wilmington, CA

Luis has joined Team Rollout coming off his finals appearance at the 2015 US High School National Championships. He is sure to be part of a long line of junior champions that grow with Rollout into top IRT stars!

Alex Ackermann
Trophy Club, TX

Alex Ackermann is a top player in the Texas region, and contender on the men's pro tour. He holds a few major upset wins on the IRT, and is a force in any draw he enters.

Adrienne Haynes
Cordova, TN

Adrienne is a former team captain of the US Junior National team, and now perennial contender on the women's pro tour. She is one of the hardest hitting women in the world, and brings that power to the game every time she steps on the court.

Sam Bredenbeck
Marine, MN

Sam is the 2015 18 and under Junior National Champion, a title that has a very historic track record for producing great racquetball players. Sam Bredenbeck not only earned that distinction but it also part of a great racquetball family, so we are extremely excited to see what this young player has in store for the racquetball world!

Jordan Barth
Cold Spring, MN

Jordan Barth has been one of the top junior players in his age group for the better part of his young racquetball career. A perennial threat at junior nationals and member of the Junior US Team, watch for Jordan as he enters the pro racquetball world in the coming years, and makes waves there too!

Briana Jacquet
Phoenix, AZ

As a member of the US Junior National Team, Briana has developed some tremendous experience despite her young age. Not only is she the youngest member of Team Rollout, but she will become, this season, the youngest active member of the women's pro tour! Watch for big things out of this young lady in the future.

Ashley Moler
Whittier, CA

Ashley is one of the top players in the world of female handball. She works with the professional and amateur handball organizations in hopes to continue to grow the game worldwide.

Heather Mahoney
Penngrove, CA

Heather Mahoney is the youngest member of Team Rollout, but don't let her age and tiny stature fool you... this girl is a force to be reckoned with on the racquetball court, and will be for years to come! Already a junior world champion, it is only a matter of time until we see her on the courts of the LPRT!!! Can anyone say.... Rhonda Rajsich 2.0?

ROLLOUT…who we are and what we do…

Rollout is racquetball’s leading apparel company, worn and represented by the top current and future professional players in the world. Through a live hard, play hard philosophy, Rollout has become a true lifestyle brand, with our apparel worn both on and off the court by some of the best players in the world, and the fans of racquetball that love to watch them. The players representing the Rollout brand cover all facets of the sport, from indoor to outdoor, amateur to professional, male to female, and up and comer to veteran.

Custom Apparel
Not only is Rollout the leader in racquetball apparel, but we also produce custom apparel for clients throughout the country. If you are an event director, a team, or part of a group that is looking to brand yourselves with a custom logo and some awesome apparel, Rollout can help. We combine our style and look with your unique identity to create one of a kind apparel that you will be proud to wear. Contact us today to get us working on your custom apparel needs!

Event Management
In addition to bringing the best racquetball clothing to the industry, we also are a premier event management company within the sport. Through our partnerships with USA Racquetball, the International Racquetball Tour (IRT) and the Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour (LPRT) we can bring a unique and dynamic racquetball event to any market in the country. Rollout events combine on site event activation with nationwide media and commercial coverage, offering the maximum in brand exposure within the racquetball industry.

Rollout is the future of racquetball style and promotion, progressing the sport of racquetball more than anyone in the world!