Jonathan Clay Running for USAR Board of Directors

USA Racquetball has recently announced that three spots on the prestigious USA Racquetball Board of Directors are up for election in the first part of 2016. Below is a social media post from founder Jonathan Clay, declaring his intention to run for one of these positions.

10/27/15 — Via

USA RACQUETBALL BOARD OF DIRECTORS — I am extremely excited to announce that I have decided to run for a position on the USA Racquetball Board of Directors this Winter. This is a decision I have been contemplating for the last 3 years or so, and believe the time is now to do step in and try to help build the sport I love. There are 3 positions open for election, and I hope that you all believe that I can do some good in this sport and help make a difference, and thus help me gain one of those spots.

I will be posting more as time comes near, but know that this decision is made with one single mission in mind, and that is to make racquetball better, and help it reach its potential.

I believe we currently have the best and most talented player and executive pool in the history of the sport, we just need some leadership at the top to help bring everyone together under a common goal. It is time for the business side of racquetball to get younger, more exciting, and catch up to the trend that is going on inside the courts of professional and amateur racquetball.

Let’s make a difference together. If you think you can add something to this board, I urge you to run as well. If you think myself or someone else who is running can make a difference, I urge you to vote. We need to stand united and work together, and I think this year is when everything needs to start!

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