College Racquetball Growing and Thriving!

In today’s racquetball landscape, I see a lot of tournament directors and promoters looking to find creative new ways to get players to try out tournament/competitive racquetball. Numbers are becoming a bit stagnant, and growth seems to be a challenge. However one area I see that is growing and thriving, at least in the Northeast, is college racquetball. For those of you who do not know, I got my start in this sport in a college league called the ECRC. At the time it was the only college conference in the country, but over the last decade, has spawned countless other conferences in different pockets of the country. In the college racquetball world, tournaments are growing, new teams are popping up, and rosters are expanding both in the boys and girls divisions.

Fast forward 16 years from the day I played my first college tournament to this past weekend, and myself along with the team were honored to bring the first college tournament to NJ in the state’s history. We hosted this event in conjunction with the ECRC in Warrren, NJ, where we host both our men’s and women’s pro stops. This marked the first time in history that the ECRC players have competed on the same championship court as both the best men and women in the world. The ECRC brings an experienced tournament staff to the table, which allowed us to bring some fun and excitement to the tournament unlike anything seen before.

On top of music and entrances for the players, special messages from some of the top players on the Team Rollout roster, and social media coverage, we also brought in 4 of the top doubles players in the region to put on a pro doubles showcase, exposing these players to a level of play many of them had never seen before. What resulted was one of the most successful ECRC events in history, and what looks to be a future home or regional championships.

We love being involved with the college leagues, and we hope more people take our lead and help continue to grow the sport at this level.

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